Saturday, 24 March 2012


Date : 01 April 2012(Ahad)

Time : 0700 am until done...

Location : Gunung Nuang Trail ( Assembly at Petronas Jalan Gombak before entrance Karak Highway )

Height Elevation : 1493metre / 4898 feet

What to Bring

"Compulsory items "

1. Water in easy to carry method, 1.5 - 2 liters (WATERBEG highly recommended)
2. Food: munchies, trial mix/energy bars, lunch, etc. (PowerBar or Gel)
3. Headlamp or torchlight in case of emergency.( Bring battery spare )
4. Mosquito repellant
5. First Aid Kit


1. Wear good trekking shoes and thick socks, if you don't want blisters!
2. Bring a pair of trekking poles if you have knee problems (Seriously!)
3. You can wear shorts and sleeveless, but it may get very cold if it rains.
4. Bring a poncho or rain jacket and rain cover for your backpack.
5. Sandals - if you want dry shoes. There will be two ankle/knee deep river crossings at the camping sites.

Good luck all climbers...

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