Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Training Time :  0730 am until done...
Training Location : Gunung Nuang Trail
Height Elevation : 1493metre / 4898 feet

What to Bring

"Compulsory items "

1. Water in easy to carry method, 1.5 - 2 liters (WATERBEG highly recommended)

2. Food: munchies, trial mix/energy bars, lunch, etc. (PowerBar or Gel)

3. Headlamp or torchlight in case of emergency.

4. Mosquito repellant

5. First Aid Kit


1. Wear good trekking shoes and thick socks, if you don't want blisters!

2. Bring a pair of trekking poles if you have knee problems (Seriously!)

3. You can wear shorts and sleeveless, but it may get very cold if it rains.

4. Bring a poncho or rain jacket and rain cover for your backpack.

5. Sandals - if you want dry shoes. There will be two ankle/knee deep river crossings at the camping sites.

Directions to Hutan Lipur  Gunung Nuang

From Jalan Lok Yew Cheras, drive towards the Kajang hwy. You will pass a TOLL. First exit after the toll will take you to Hulu Langat if you keep left. Go straight at the first traffic lights. You will get to a second traffic lights with a police station at the T-junction on your right. Take a left turn at the lights. Go straight a long this very very long kampong road. It will take you pass many small kampungs along the road, i.e. Kampung Batu 14, Batu 18, etc. (you will see exits for Ampang, Semenyih, Kajang, etc. but keep going straight). Sg. Hulu Langat is on your right side.
Towards the end of this long winding road you will arrive at the last kampong along the Hulu Langat river. You will see a big TNB pump station on your left with a football field in front of a bus stop. The road breaks into a V (there is also a bridge going across the river). Take the road LEFT of the football field.

Follow this road. You will see a very very old signboard describing G. Nuang. The road curves right and will take you to directly to a Puncak Niaga gate. Just before the gate, turn left and you will end up at the G.Nuang ranger station & parking lot. There are some chalets for rent. Est. time from Cheras, 45mins - 1hr.

Good Luck all climbers!!

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